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Boat maintenance is essential for reliable boating. Boats with inboard engines or outboard engines are often used for a few months and left for the remaining part of the year. There is nothing worse than dropping the boat in the water on a summers day for a fishing trip or a whiz around the bay only to find that the engine, (either inboard or outboard), simply doesn't want to start.

 We provide the highest quality marine services to serious boaters living near or visiting Palm Beach County.

We place integrity as its highest priority in servicing customers. When partnering with you to maintain, repair, or improve your boat, we are committed to providing solid technical consultation and maintaining an ongoing dialogue to ensure that we meet your needs and schedule to the best of our ability. In achieving this goal, our staff views their responsibility personally for ensuring your safety and satisfaction. Through this approach, we build the enduring, trusting relationships that enable our customers to rely on us year after year.

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Palm Beach County, Florida                                                                                        561-670-5819

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